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Here you can find everything about our projects as well as the state of the current developments.
11. October 2019

Children and adolescents: the weakest link in our society

“They need our help” We fight every day. Not only with our own concerns and needs, but also that every person has a chance to live […]
11. September 2019

On the way in Somalia

In Somalia, it is usually very difficult to film, since people are very suspicious there. Many are afraid that they will be scouted. That fear is […]
1. September 2019

Living in Somalia below the poverty line

Somalia is twice as big as Germany, but there are only 14 million people living there. The largest part of the people there under the poverty […]
28. August 2019

Footage from the Asal Origin Community Center in Somalia

Footage from the asal community center in Somalia The Community Center is a non-government and non-profit organization founded as an independent platform for the development of […]
11. August 2019

My story: The night before court schedule

I’ll never forget this night in mid-March. I could barely keep an eye out, though my son had a quiet night for a change, maybe even […]
18. July 2019

Abschir in holiday II

A wonderful Thursday in the children and youth hospice Regenbogenland in Dusseldorf. Since Abschir has a lot of fun during his vacation, we have created another […]
15. July 2019

Abschir is on holiday right now!

It took him to the children’s and youth hospice Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf. As you can see on the video, it makes the visit there especially fun. […]
3. June 2019

Abschir enjoyes the weather

The weather on the weekend, we have used to enjoy the special time and just take a break from everyday life. As you can see, it […]
24. May 2019

Maymarket in Meerbusch Osterath

Last Sunday, the traditional may market took place in Meerbusch.  The visitors expected a colorful portfolio of local retailers, shopping shops of local retailers as well […]