Our projects

Here you can find everything about our projects as well as the state of the current developments.
14. March 2019

We want to set a sign

Please do not scare at the pictures. Again and again, mistreatment of disabled children in Somalia is the order of the day. This includes the chaining […]
20. February 2019

New donation: Thanks to Ann-Kristine Prime

How easy donations can be is shown by the example of Ann-Kristin Prime, who gave us another cuddly toy donation! We were very happy and would […]
10. February 2019

Children with disabilities

Although here in Germany with the care, the medical care and integration into the society is already very far, one has to recognize again and again […]
20. January 2019

Wisdom of the month

These are the strong, who laugh with tears, hide their own worries and make others happy. - Franz Grillparzer
15. January 2019

Cooperation with private aid organizations

We are in regular contact with private aid organizations in Somalia. Among others with a kindergarten, which we have already visited and were able to get […]
6. January 2019

For the new year

Dear readers, I hope you could enjoy a wonderful start into the new year with your family. We too are full of energy this year and […]
31. December 2018

Happy New Year

The year is coming to an end. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence and pleasant cooperation. I wish you […]
24. December 2018

Happy Christamas

I would like to thank all donors, helpers and contributors in the name of my son, Shawir. We look back on an eventful year. I have […]
27. November 2018

Thanksgiving | Thank you for your donation

Dear Mr. Imfeld and dear Mr. Imfeld-Schön, Let me address you today to give you a heartfelt thank you. With your donation you will enjoy many […]