Our aims

The goal of our foundation is to build a facility for children and teenagers with a disability in the region of Puntland in central Somalia. This facility shall consist of a residential home, a learning-center and a workshop. In this facility children and teenagers shall receive medical and therapeutical treatment.
Many of the families with disabled children never received medical treatment before and do not even know which illness their children are suffering. Therefore, it is our aim to help these families to clarify which illness or disability their children are suffering and then support them medically and with caregiving tasks.

Supporting a family

Also many families are in dire straits because they cannot support their disabled children. Before founding the Abschir Hassan foundation I sent private money to support a family. The family has ten children of which four have a grave disability. For three children the disability first showed when they were two years old. The fourth child, a girl, was disabled since birth. Two years ago the father of the family died and in the aftermath the family lived in a small hut without even a roof. The mother did not know anymore how she should take care of her family.
Many Somalis in Europe and Canada have supported the family financially, too. With this support the family was able to build two rooms, a toilet and a roof for the small hut. As you can see in the pictures and in the video on our homepage, the family has now a better living situation. But there are still many families with similar severe problems. This is the reason why I want to use the Abschir Hassan foundation to provide effective support by creating a special facility in which disabled children and teenagers can be treated and accommodated permanently.

Residential Home

In the residential home children and teenagers shall be accommodated permanently. As far as we know around 300 children and teenagers (ages from 4 to 15 years) with disabilities in the range of light to very severe live in Galkacayo, the capital of Puntland.

Inclusion in residential home

We hope to treat and accommodate at least 50 of them in the residential home. Because the capacity of the residential home will be limited, the inclusion will be dependent on the family`s situation and how far they are living away from the facility.

Learning-center and workshop

The learning-center and the workshop will be situated in one building and are designed for children and teenager, who are living nearby, so they can stay there during the day. Depending on their physical situation medical and social treatment will be provided for them.

Medical professionals

Another Problem is that there are rarely people who are educated to take care of children with disabilities. Because of this, another aim of the Abschir Hassan Foundation is to inform and educate people in Somalia in this area and to cooperate with doctors, nurses or social workers. With this they have an important task and a perspective in their own country. In our facility we want to give young people a chance, a job and a schooling in Somalia. We want them to know that they are needed in their own country.


The Costs

Although I have not been to my former homeland since 1991, I have received many information and I have contact to many people who work in the medical, social or administrative field. Like me, many of them lived abroad for several years and are now returning to help. I want to fly to Puntland for 10 to 14 days at the end of this year. Puntland has it’s own regional administration and already offered me property in the biggest city of the region, Galkacayo. As we are planning to build two buildings, one building for the residential home and one building for the learning-center and the workshop, we need property which at least has the size of 1 hectar.
Somalia is a very dry country, therefore we want to build a well, to plant trees. Because the country is also very sunny and hot, we want to use solar energy for the buildings. In the moment we are estimating that the buildings will cost around 500.000€. To minimise the costs, we hope, that a lot of national and international organisations as well as associations, companies, hospitals and other facilities will become our partners and support us. We need every help we can get.

The foundation’s aims in short:

We are just at the beginning, but we have many plans, hopes and wishes what we can achieve with the foundation.
  • Support families with children and teenagers with disabilities
  • Construction of a facility, in which at least 50 children and teenagers can be treated and accommodated permanently
  • Construction of a workshop and a learning space in which disabled children can stay during the day. With this the families shall receive some free time from taking care all the time (similar to special schools for children with disabilities and workshops in Germany)
  • Information and clarification about illnesses and handling of disabled children Contact and cooperation with doctors and Hospitals, e.g. children shall receive medical treatment regularly