Abschir Hassan

Abschir Hassan

After Abschir Hassan, my youngest son, was born with severe disabilities and illnesses, I felt a desire to help families in a similar situation and living in Somalia.
Abschir r Hassan was born in 1997 and is now 20 years old. A heavy oxygen deficiency during his birth has led to several severe illnesses for him. Abschir cannot speak and cannot sit without his wheelchair, he is always dependent on help and medicine.

His Life

Abschir has been through a lot in his life. Since he was an infant, he has had to undergo large, long, and heavy surgery over and over again, yet he still suffers from the consequences of this severe oxygen deficit during his birth.
He suffers from sleep disorders, agitation, spastic and epileptic seizures, stomach ulcers and muscle diseases. But if you spend a few hours with my son, see how much fun he has and how he always laughs, you do not even believe that he could hardly sleep at night due to painful attacks. He himself seems to have forgotten the night and his pain.
Abschir loves life and enjoys every moment. My son is for me one of the most life-affirming, joyful and strong-willed person I know.

His will to live

With his will to live and his positive, happy manner he always puts the people who know him back on. No matter if it is in your school, now in the workshop or in the short-term care, everywhere they are looking forward to see him, to spend time with him and to be infected by his happy laugh.
My son likes to travel, he loves day trips and walks, preferably on the water, whether at the sea, on the Rhine or at a small fountain.
Abschir always likes it to see that there is a lot going on. He enjoys watching the people around him, but he also enjoys being the center of attention. Abschir is severely handicapped, but he is also happy and that's what he shows us every day.

Abschir Hassan Foundation

With the Abschir Hassan Foundation, I want to show that even disabled children and teenagers can lead a happy life and not only that, I also want to make clear that they have a right to it.
In Somalia, families with disabled children are punished. It is said that the parents have sinned and that is why they have been punished with a disabled child. The children are hidden and regarded as a sin.
With the foundation, I want to create a place where these children and young people are welcome; a place to take care of them and to be properly cared for.
And I want to clarify about disabilities, that no one is to blame and nobody has to be ashamed of it. On the contrary! Children and adolescents with a disability are especially worthy of protection and deserve to lead a good life.